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High Health Combo

High Health Combo


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So easy to grow

Simple to use and easy to grow, best of all you always have a supply of fresh energy-giving food at hand. There are all sorts of ways you can enjoy sprouts, they are wonderful in salads, they can be easily juiced or if you like added to a fruit smoothie. Better still just eat them by the handful!

At Health Products NZ Limited we have special automatic bean sprouters. With thes simple to use sprouters, all you do is plant the seeds, add liquid fertilizer and your sprouts automatically get the water they require to grow. The water is actually a fine mist spray which is released over the plants at regular intervals. No mess, no fuss, no mould.

Better still, if you wish to ensure that your sprouts are getting pure, fresh, filtered water all you need to do is add a water filter to the sprouter’s water line.

Actual growing times vary, but once you have your sprouter operational, just a few minutes a day will ensure you can harvest the sprouts and make them part of your daily diet.

Sprouters also come in a range of different sizes, whatever your requirements. And we have a wide variety of seeds.

Some of the benefits of including sprouts in your diet through using your own sprouter include:

  • helping the body’s repair and rebuilding work
  • helping the body maintain the correct acid-alkaline balance
  • assisting in the removal of toxins
  • boosting energy
  • strengthening the immune system

So purchase our High Health Combo today!


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