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Activated Carbon Filter

Typically, the skin of a coconut is burnt at 450 - 500 Degrees C after which its carbohydrates are treated with steam at 1000 - 1200 Degrees C, evaporating all substances that could possibly be evaporated at this temperature.  This process is called activation. When this is complete, numerous tiny holes are generated, making this into a very adhesive material called activated carbon. 

The activated carbon adheres through a capillary phenomenon. That is, adhesion occurs through reactions between the carbon and the organic substances. In the Mineral Pot Purifier, silver is attached that emits a tiny amount of activated silver, which flows out, suppressing the propagation of microorganisms. Activated carbon is used to filter out corrosion, impurities, chemicals, organic and  inorganic compounds.

Effects on the Human Body of Mineral Alkaline Water

Mineral alkaline reduced water refers to the water that is able to make alkali water and store long term, with the ability to generate hydrogen when various mineral ingredients are mixed and dissolved in water. Mineral alkaline reduced water has a negative value for oxidation and reduction potential (ORP). The smaller the negative value for ORP, the better the functionality. This means that it is particularly strong when combined with the harmful active oxygen.

Professor H.W Kim of Yonsei University has done a lot of research on mineral alkaline reduced water. He reported various effects in regards to the existence of hexagonal water, including anti-cancerous effects, and an immune system strengthening ability. (Refer to Water of Life).

According to the results of many researchers, in summary, the following effects of mineral alkaline reduced water can be.

  • Turns the acidic blood condition of the body to alkaline state. Removes & eliminates lactic acid build up in muscles
  • Effective for regulation of bowel movement.
  • Reduces acidic wastes in the blood.
  • Reduces fat content in the body.
  • Promotes blood circulation.
  • Not only is it basic ~pH 8, but it contains the restoration force to reduce active oxygen. Active oxygen is the source for so many diseases and has a vast influence on aging. If simply drinking water removes active oxygen, there can be no better medication!
  • Has an anti-cancerous effect and prevents the spread of cancerous cells.     This theory was vindicated by experiments using rats. The rats were injected with skin cancer cells and then when fed with alkali water, the spread of the cancer cells was significantly lower than the rats who were fed with normal water.
  • Homeostasis effect of removing active oxygen. It was reported that the rats injected with cancer cells showed excessive amounts of active oxygen. It was discovered that the group that was fed with alkaline water had their amount of active oxygen greatly reduced. Good water is water with abundant hydrogen.
  • Improves the immune system. It was observed that interferon, interleukin and other bodily fluids, which are indicator substances for the immune system all increased with the consumption of mineral alkaline water.

Benefits of Magnetised Water for the Human Body

Magnetised water is water made from the magnetic field from magnets. Let us discuss little bit about magnets. All magnets have a N pole and an S pole. In 1930, it was proved that the line of induction exits from the S pole, reenters in the middle and exits again from the middle and reenters through the N pole again.

When making magnetised water, the N pole must be used. The N pole of the magnets improves work efficiency, promotes the metabolism, has healing effects, relieves pain, is useful for the treatment of allergies and is good for calming the emotions.

The method for making magnetised water is based on the principle that water molecules become smaller by going through the process of hydrogen separation and recombination when the water flows through a powerful magnetic field.

If water is placed above a magnet or allowed to flow through a magnetic field, electricity occurs in the water when the water flows through the magnetic field, by which the water gets ionized and becomes magnetized water. When a magnetic field is applied to water, changes in its physical property, magnetic susceptibility, light absorption, viscosity coefficient, electrical resistance and surface tension take place.

When water is placed on the noth pole, the surface tension of the water increases, the structure of water becomes more elaborate and its density increases. When south pole is used, the opposite happens. For example, an amount of water consists of 10~14 molecules of water per cluster. When this water is magnetized, the cluster size gets smaller, with 6~10 elements per cluster. Magnetic fields, without help from any other inorganic substances, change the disposition of water molecules that form clusters. Magnetised water activates the cellular tissues in the human body that in turn promote the metabolism. If this kind of water is consumed, the magnetic energy, namely “Ki water” is consumed.

It possesses properties that are different from normal water as listed below.

To outline the magnetized water's biological effects:

  • Promotes growth, fitness and metabolism.
  • Strengthens the resistance of the living body due to its high activation in the body.
  • Helps with digestion and the helps bowel activities.
  • Prevents or treats gallstones and urolith generation.
  • Helps to discharge bodily waste and increases liver function.
  • Maintains the tears, sweat, saliva, and the intestinal fluid.
  • Suppresses germ growth.
  • Maintains longer cohesion.
  • Magnetised water does not get evaporated easily.
  • Due to its molecular structure being densely crowded, it is slow to freeze and slow to melt.
  • Solubility, cohesion, and conductivity are increased.
  • Due to its particular molecular structure, concentrated water colonies are formed.
  • Creates hexagonal water.

Ki (Chi) Enriches Life

Ki (Chi) energy is the basic wave energy, generated in every object. Ki energy in the human body plays a vital role in enriching and activating life. Water has the ability to absorb and store Ki energy.

WATERS Bio Ceramic Mineral Pot water purifiers emit beneficial Ki energy. This Ki is inserted and stored in water, and when this water is consumed, the Ki stored in the water is transmitted and absorbed in the drinker's body. When the Ki is absorbed in the body, the life force gets vitalized, and our physiological state improves.

  • Ki energy is a stimulant of life-force.
  • Activates physiological reaction.
  • Boosts stamina.
  • Strengthens the nervous system.
  • Enriches life

 Benefits of Far Infrared Rays on the Human Body

WATERS Mineral Pot filters are the world's only water purifier incorporating bio ceramic. Bio ceramic is made from a mixture of various metals and non-metal elements that have the potential of generating far infrared (Ki or Chi energy). It is a substance treated at a temperature of over 1300 degrees C. As mentioned previously, in ceramic, Ki is generated, which is absorbed and stored in water.

Drinking water is thus synonymous to drinking Ki. Furthermore, the far infrared ray is also transmitted. The far infrared ray affects the body in variety of ways.

The far infrared ray is the ray with the biggest wavelength of all infrared rays.  Infrared has a larger wavelength than the red area of the visible rays, and has significant thermal effects. It is transparent, easily absorbed into substances, and is characterized by its strength in resonance with the molecules of organic compounds. If light has a short wavelength, it reflects well, if the wavelength is long, then it is easily absorbed into the object it reaches, and therefore it has a sharp penetration, which causes the body to warm up when exposed to this kind of light.

This type of heat thermal treatment helps to remove pathogenic germs that are sources of various diseases. It expands the capillary vessel that helps with blood circulation and the generation of cell structure. Moreover, when the proteins and water molecules that makes up a cell get exposed to this type of light, the molecules vibrate at a rate of 2000 times per minute, which in turn effectively activates the cell system that practically prevents aging, accelerates the body metabolism, which aids recovery from chronic fatigue and minimise adult diseases.

Also, it accelerates perspiration and circulation, relieves pain, gets rid of heavy metals, helps sleep, helps deodorization, prevents the growth of bacteria or fungus, helps to dehumidify, helps air purification and has so many other properties that is used widely in many areas.

Summary of the effects of far infrared ray:

  • Production of Ki (Chi)           
  • Increase in physiological activity
  • Relieves pain
  • Removes heavy metals
  • Helps sleepEffective deodorization
  • Suppress germ growth
  • De-humidifying property
  • Air purification


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