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Eco Laundry Ball –

Eco Laundry Ball –


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Eco Laundry Balls are Eco Friendly, Hypoallergenic. They save you money and save the environment. No artificial fragrances, chemicals and phosphates. Easy to use and easy to store.

The Eco Laundry Ball is designed to reduce the amount of chemicals in the environment and our bodies by completely replacing the use of conventional washing detergents. Being reusable for up to 1000 washes, the Eco Laundry Ball saves you loads of money and time on shopping and also reduces packaging waste in the environment. The scientifically formulated mineral pellets inside ensure a powerful wash by lifting away dirt, odors and germs, without fading colors; all while maintaining the elasticity of fibers. The Eco Laundry Ball is hypoallergenic, ideal for babies, children and those with sensitive skin.

Easy to Use

Follow fabric care label instructions and pre treat clothes with stain remover if necessary. Place the load together with the Eco Laundry Ball in the washing machine and start wash.

Never overload the washing machine as the Eco Laundry Ball must be allowed to circulate freely in the water between clothes to achieve the best results. The Eco Laundry Ball can be left in the washing machine ready for the next time.

***It is recommended to place the Eco Laundry Ball in the sun for a least an hour once a month to regenerate the mineral pellets inside the ball.***

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