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Compact Juicer

The Compact Juicer has been both my family’s life-saver and sanity-saver.

Before we knew of the Compact’s existence, my young son was suffering from recurrent bouts of acute asthma, brought on by common viral infections like colds and the flu. Every year he would average four emergency hospital visits because his asthma was so severe. I was hesitant to put him onto the really strong daily preventative asthma medicines because of their side effects and in my heart I knew what the doctors were failing to tell me – that prevention is far better than cure.

And so I began my quest to discover a way to prevent my son from developing viral infections when he was regularly at kindergarten and interacting with other people.

The wonderful and knowledgeable staff at Good Earth Organics in Tauranga spent hours advising me what I should feed my son, and more importantly what I should avoid feeding him – processed food and junk food and food that he may be sensitive or allergic to. Up until then I thought I had been generally pretty good about what I fed him, but like many busy parents I had occasionally resorted to chicken nuggets, frozen chips, and food that had additives, preservatives and food colourings, and food that was not organic. By giving him such foods I was unwittingly weakening his immune system so that he was considerably more likely to succumb to any viral infections that were doing the rounds in our community.

A medical expert revealed that my son had sensitivity to dairy products and so we began cutting those out of his diet which made some improvement to his overall health but I was then left with the problem of finding ways to increase my son’s calcium and protein intake. At the same time, my trusted advisors at Good Earth Organics were preaching the benefits of juicing and had a Compact Juicer in the shop for sale. The day I bought that juicer was the day I made one of the very best decisions and certainly the best investment in my family’s life.

Armed with the Compact Juicer and a box full of apples, carrots, beetroots, spinach and wheatgrass, I returned home and prepared my first concoction. The colour was a vivid dark pink (thanks to the beetroot) and the taste was sweet and wholesome. Iced and drunk with straws, my 4 year and his 6 year old sister slurped their way with gusto through more liquefied greens, roots and fruits than they would normally consume in a month! Then they asked for more! They were unsure what the special occasion was that had occasioned such a treat, as it was not anyone’s birthday. Looking at their rosy, happy faces was such a joy. To them this was a party! They were filled with such energy and vitality, joy and enthusiasm that lasted all day. That night they slept wonderfully, as did I. Every day since then we have enjoyed our juices; sometimes they are Monsters (green in colour) and sometimes Fairies (the pink drinks).  Although my children might have nibbled on a few green leaves in the past, they would never have dared touch a raw beetroot, let alone munch on wheatgrass. But when the fruits and vegetables were all mixed up and liquefied into a sweet and colourful drink, the children were able to drink vital quantities of virus-bashing ‘medicine’ juice. The poor viruses never stood a chance!

We also make delicious fruit and nut balls with our Compact Juicer and these little treats we freeze and then pack on our picnic adventures so that wherever we are we can have a cheap and healthy snack, knowing exactly what went in them. It gives the children a great opportunity to help prepare food too, and they marvel at the transformation of the foods and the power of the machine to change the foods so quietly.

Being off dairy butter is not a problem for my son because we can make delicious almond nut butters in the Compact Juicer which are rich in calcium and protein.

My son breezed through last winter with not a single viral infection, for the first time ever. My daughter became even stronger mentally and physically, and her eczema disappeared. Mine and my husband’s health has also improved dramatically, and when mid-afternoon rolls around and I have a juice from my Compact Juicer, I no longer experience those 4 o’clock sugar lows and stressful evenings. I am revitalized, energized and ready to tackle the stove and dishes!

My family has also saved so much money by not having to take days off work to care for sick children, and our sanity is restored because we are finally ‘on track’ with our lives and our health.

I would recommend the Compact Juicer to anyone who wants to stay out of hospital and rediscover joy and good health in their lives. It is a very small financial investment to make and one that brings immediate returns – a healthy, happy family.

K Akers