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Jade ceramic water purifier

Since we purchased the Jade ceramic water purifier my husband & I have been drinking a lot more water. Actually my husband never used to drink water on its own much before we got this system. This water is very easy to drink. I am much more hydrated and can really feel the water detoxifying my body quickly. When we have people over they comment how great the water is. I wash my veges in it so I am not contaminating my organic veges. I take a thermos of boiled purified water to work to make tea/coffee and a bottle of purified cold water. I have noticed that if I start to get a flu/cold or bug, it goes a lot quicker than others at work, or have noticed that if I start to get symptoms of a bug etc, it goes very quickly and doesn’t quite fully develop. I have realised how important it is to have good water quality. Our cats drink it too! We are really looking forward to getting the whole house system put in soon as one of the benefits will be being able to take a shower with no heavy metals etc in the water. We also took with us on holiday the portable version of the purifier which made a big difference as wouldn’t want to go back to drinking tap water.

My skin and husband’s skin is more hydrated. Tap water really smells very chemical now. Now I know I am drinking clean water that is good for me THE WAY IT SHOULD BE! I am very glad for this to be used as a testimony.

E Andrew