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she found that the Waters Mineral water helped her itching problem whenever she rubbed it on her skin.

Mrs Im

…the waist pain had completely disappeared… I truly believe that I got well because of drinking the water…

Kim Sook

Our family is sold on the Mineral Pot… I am not one to BRAG about a product – but I am delighted with the difference it has made my family


…after two months of drinking the filtered mineral water of the Waters Mineral Pot, I began to change my [skeptical] opinion.

Mrs Yeom

Since we purchased the Jade ceramic water purifier… I am much more hydrated and can really feel the water detoxifying my body quickly.

E Andrew

Thanks to the fluoride master and pure master I am no longer cold… mood has improved and my… dry heels have improved significantly


The water is clear and fresh, making any other tap water taste and smell noticeably of chorine

A Rollinson

…we took the large ACE Super Mineral Pot with us to Bali, Indonesia and drank the local water with no problems

J Ryan