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Waters Mineral Pot

Mrs. Yeom lives in Seoul, Korea. She had a serious dandruff problem. Although she used very good medicines and shampoos, nothing proved to be effective. It became quite embarrassing. Whenever she would touch her hair – however slightly – dandruff would fall onto her clothes, it got to the point where she could not wear black or any dark colours.

I have known about the Waters Mineral Pot for several years now, but when I first heard about it, I could not believe that someone’s health could get better just by using the Water’s Mineral Pot. Day by day, as I came to understand the seriousness of the water pollution problem of the earth and through the recommendation of my neighbor. I decided to sample the waters mineral pot products. Still, I was a bit wary of the stories about the excellent effects of these products was steadfast in my belief that every water purifier was the same.

However, after two months of drinking the filtered mineral water of the Waters Mineral Pot, I began to change my opinion. First, my opinion changed as a reduction of my dandruff, I became convinced that the problem was in the water that I used. So now, after I shampoo my hair, I rinse it with filtered water, and I do not have to worry about dandruff any more. I can once again wear dark clothes, not only do I continue to use the waters filtered water for washing my hair, but I use it for drinking as well. I am also quick to tell my friends and neighbors, about the great benefits of using the mineral water of the Waters Company. Thanks waters company.

Mrs Yeom