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Waters Mineral Pot

April 1997 saw me buying a Waters Company Mineral Pot for my family. My neighbor and I were discussing the drinking water one-day and she remarked that she had just bought a Mineral Pot for her family and had really noticed a difference in their various complaints. After following a tasting test with tap water and mineral pot water I was amazed at the difference between them in taste. After discussion and talk with the representative for Mineral Pots – Phil Findlay – I decided to purchase one and see what effect it had on my family.

My family consists of five people and each one of us could recognize something that we would monitor with Mineral Water to see if there were any significant changes. I list the following results.

My husband is 58 years of age and is a diabetic, suffers from severe cramps in the legs and hypertension. Within two weeks of drinking only Mineral Water (as a cold drink) and having tea/coffee also made with Mineral Water – he was able to stop taking his tablets for cramp, reduce his hypertension tablets by one per day and his diabetic sugar count decreased by 4 points. E.g. prior to Mineral Water, reading was 13.7, after two weeks of Mineral Water his reading was 9.5.

NOW he is able to walk our 13 and a half-acre farm after full days work and still does not suffer with cramps. He also does not now drink diabetic drinks – has the occasional beer – tea/coffee made with Mineral Water and Mineral Water ice blocks in milk. His health has improved immensely, and as is known – diabetics are susceptible to Ulcers if the injure themselves. He recently had a nasty fall cutting his kneecap open on steel. I bathed his knee with swabs of hot Mineral Water regularly, and this did not ulcerate at all or get infected.

I am 53 years of age, have raised a family of six children and lead a very busy life with school boards and running a farm as well – just to mention a few. I have very bad Arthritis from my hips down and in my elbows. I had to buy a farm bike because I could not walk from paddock to paddock to feed out. Since being on Mineral Water I have slowly and steadily been able to reduce the need for anti-inflammatory medication. I also used to get very tired and showed some signs of depression and not really caring about my appearance at times. NOW I also walk the 13 and a half-acre farm, can carry a bale of hay. I and back knitting and sewing, and even riding a two wheeler bike and walking. My immune system seems to have improved, having only had one cold this winter and my general stamina is terrific. I also only drink Mineral Water – tea/coffee with Mineral Water. I cook all vegetables in Mineral Water and the flavor is far more pleasant, and the vegetable are more like crisp blanched vegetables, not ones that taste as though they have never been washed. I am now only taking arthritis tablets once a day instead of 3 times a day.

My 16-year-old daughter has cerebral palsy with complications and has also found that her energy levels have increased since the Mineral Pot came into her life. Her acne skin has almost cleared away and now only at certain times gets an outbreak. This child was one that needed high levels of drinks – e.g. orange juice, coke, lemonade etc – now only very occasionally does she ask for this type of drink. Mineral Water goes to school in drink bottles. Her hair is not as oily and her skin is of better condition.

My daughter of 12 years of age has also experienced many of the same things as her sister. Also her energy level has risen substantially and she will go for either a four-kilometer walk or bike ride each night. Approaching her teenage years, she has already seen that her skin is far better in condition than some of her classmates. She also drinks only Mineral Water in hot and cold drinks.

My son of 4 and a half years of age calls this his “HAPPY WATER”. Everywhere we go he asks for happy water to drink and gets some very strange looks. He is a very hypo-active child who loves sweet drinks, ice-blocks, fizzy drinks, and lollies. Since we have had the Mineral Pot which is accessible to him at all times – he never asks for any of the above things. He also had a problem with concentration as this has improved ten-fold since April. He now sleeps 10 hours minimum at night eats three meals a day – before he would only pick at his food. He is concentrating on his lessons at day care as well as his individual speech tuition and the improvement is amazing. He also had very poor teeth – having had something like 9 fillings since the age of two years old. At his latest check-up his specialist could not believe that there was no further decay in his mouth.

Our family is sold on the Mineral Pot, and when we go caravan or boating or even just on a picnic, the Mineral Pot is part of the essential items. I can leave Coke, Fanta, Lemonade or Cordial in my fridge for three to four weeks at a time and my children NEVER ask for it or help themselves to it. It is usually the visitors who drink it if my 4 and a half-year-old cannot sell them on Mineral Water first. He always offers our visitors a drink of Mineral Water before a cup of tea. He tells everyone it makes you happy not nasty and naughty.

I am not one to BRAG about a product – but I am delighted with the difference it has made my family, especially with the variety of problems we have and the results we have observed.