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Whole House Filters and Underbench Filters

I was diagnosed as hypothyroid for quite a number of years now and although taking iodine drops (fluoride depletes iodine in the body), the symptoms I was having still did not resolve. My quest into health and nutrition led me to fluoride being a possible cause of thyroid disorders. Thanks to the home fluoride master and pure master I am no longer cold all the time, mood has improved and my cracked, ugly and dry heels have improved significantly that I am no longer ashamed to reveal my feet. I heard that fluoride takes many months to be removed from the system so I can’t wait to see further improvements. I was initially skeptical but upon visiting my naturopath who muscle tests – my body needed less less iodine (iodine displaces fluoride) with each visit after having installed the system. I only told her about the filters many months later!

I really am enjoying bathing in and drinking chemical free water with the knowledge my immune system and gut bacteria are not being destroyed by chlorine and other nasties! My husband’s friend has also praised the taste of our water. He has borrowed our old mineral pot till he can afford one of the bigger bio pots. Thanks Phil and the team for the wonderful service throughout.