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Whole House Filters and Underbench Filters

This is the fourth house where Health Products have installed both whole house filters and underbench filters (in the kitchen). And we use the shower filters in all our showers.

The water is clear and fresh, making any other tap water taste and smell noticeably of chorine – even the bottled water you buy tastes somewhat metallic in comparison. When the filters are changed you can see the amount of sediment collected which is quite horrifying. Skin is softer, hair more manageble and you use less product – washing clothes , dishes and hair!

We highly recommend these products. We also highly recommend the portable water filters and the shower filters – we always take them away with us and find they make a huge difference.

And the service from Health Products is wonderful and friendly – nothing is too much trouble and they always arrive when they say they will – very efficient.

A Rollinson